Coffee Design Coffee Vibes

Coffee Design & a Coffee Recipe

For the chronically ill, coffee isn’t really a thing. Designing fun art about coffee is definitely a thing. But drinking it-not so much. I have wished for it many times, but to no avail, my body tells me that chronic illness and coffee just don’t mix. So, instead of moping because I can’t have coffee […]

Liv and Asher

The light. The smiles. It’s the simple stuff. I have no fancy words. I’m tired. I’m about to go make a cup of coffee and get breakfast and it’s already 10:30 a.m. It’s actually early for me to be eating. I usually don’t do breakfast until noon. Does that make it lunch? I don’t know. […]

Liv & the Dogs

Our dogs with Liv-she absolutely loves them. Bentley is the fluffy one. He’s half German Shepherd and half Great Pyrenees; he also weighs 115 pounds. Yup, that’s right. He’s a bear. Schaden is a pure German Shepherd. They are the best dogs (most of the time. ha!). We love them like crazy. When I saw […]

Bathroom Remodel

It’s finished. Sigh of relief. Fixer uppers are no walk in the park. But when we finally crossed the finish line for this project, a spark ignited somewhere in this “design soul” of mine. This fixer upper journey is more than remodeling a house-it’s telling a story about us. Our family. God’s goodness. The adventures-the […]