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Liv & the Dogs

Our dogs with Liv-she absolutely loves them. Bentley is the fluffy one. He’s half German Shepherd and half Great Pyrenees; he also weighs 115 pounds. Yup, that’s right. He’s a bear. Schaden is a pure German Shepherd. They are the best dogs (most of the time. ha!). We love them like crazy. When I saw […]

Fireflies and Wonder

His eyes light up. No words, but you can tell his heart is beating faster. You watch him hunch over, close to the ground.  He’s in his own little world. A perfect world where there is adventure and happy endings happen every day. Then you see him capture something in his hands.  He’s careful. In […]

Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, our friends from Alabama came to visit us.  We’re so thankful for them.  These are the times my kids will remember forever.  Good stuff, ya’ll. Good stuff. There’s nothing like hanging out with good friends.  Ya know?  Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July.