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For the chronically ill, coffee isn’t really a thing. Designing fun art about coffee is definitely a thing. But drinking it-not so much. I have wished for it many times, but to no avail, my body tells me that chronic illness and coffee just don’t mix. So, instead of moping because I can’t have coffee like everyone else, I found a way to make my own version of coffee. Let me put a small disclaimer in here. This is not coffee. Bahahahahaha! But mentally, I like calling it coffee. Don’t judge. Perspective and attitude is 90% of the battle. While this is not necessarily coffee, it does give me coffee vibes. And in tribute to all the coffee vibes in the world, I thought I’d share my recipe with you and also make a pretty design to commemorate the occasion.

Coffee Design

So, in my crazy imagination, I see a “coffee shop” for the chronically ill who can’t have real coffee. I know, very unlikely. But a girl can dream, right? In this imaginary coffee shop, I go to the counter and order a mocha chai “coffee”. I don’t have to pay because they actually paid me for the recipe already. Yeah, my imagination is fly. When they hand me the cup, I notice the pretty coffee design. The design is beautiful. It blazes with hope for all who suffer with chronic illness. The hope that one day more coffee shops will be for those who fight health battles their entire lives.

A coffee cup show a rainbow in coffee colors and the words coffee vibes underneath the rainbow.

Coffee Recipe Info

This recipe is for anyone who wants to be healthier. It has amazing ingredients that help regulate hormones and detox your body. It’s also very forgiving and flexible if you want to add or change the spice mixture to better suit your taste.


I won’t take the time to go over every ingredient, but I will mention my favorite three ingredients. The first is maca root powder. Maca powder is a great option if you are struggling with hormone imbalance. But more than that, it actually relieves pain during that time of the month. Next ingredient is turmeric. This stuff is amazing. Great for detox! I’ve actually been taking turmeric capsules for back pain, and I was surprised at how well it worked. Finally, the cinnamon. It’s my favorite because it’s what gives this warm drink a hint of chai. It’s the perfect earthy spice blend that warms your insides.


What I love about this recipe is you can make it to your preference. It leaves a lot of room for you to try your own unique combinations. Instead of cooking mine on the stove, I prefer a frother. It works perfectly, and it gets the milk frothy which is my favorite! And if there is an ingredient you’d like to add, feel free to give it a shot. Maybe you love ginger-go ahead, add some! If you prefer cashew or oat milk, I have no doubt that they both would taste amazing. Think of this recipe as a guide and then put your own spin on it.

A recipe of the mocha chai coffee in an infographic design.

“Coffee” Party

This is just an idea. Go ahead and order all the ingredients. Amazon has every single one. That will save you some energy down the road if you are having a hard day. Maybe order your very own Coffee Vibes Tank so the mood is set perfectly. Also, wear your favorite sweats, too. Mix the spices and get your ingredients ready. Have a close friend over, because for us chronically ill people, one friend is enough. Pick a favorite movie. Mine would probably be While You Were Sleeping-even if it isn’t Christmas. Make that yummy “coffee” and sit with a friend and watch the movie. Just chill. And enjoy all those coffee vibes.

Wishing you the best. Rae

Coffee Recipe

Mocha Chai “Coffee”

It has a coffee vibe without the coffee.  The yummy ingredients are cacoa powder, maca root powder, powdered coconut milk, cinnamon, turmeric, clove, almond milk, and water.
Course: Drinks
Servings: 1
Author: RaeDawn


  • 1 TBS Maca Root Powder
  • 1 TBS Powdered Coconut Milk
  • 1/2 TBS Cacao Powder
  • 1/4 TSP Cinnamon
  • 1/4 TSP Turmeric
  • Smidge Ground clove
  • Tad Salt


  • Combine the following ingredients into small bowl:1 TBS maca root powder, 1 TBS powdered coconut milk, 1/2 TBS cacao powder, 1/4 TSP cinnamon, 1/8 TSP turmeric, a smidge of ground clove, and a tad of salt
  • In a small saucepan, pour 1/3 cup water and 2/3 cup almond milk. Warm on medium heat.  Pour ingredient mixture into the saucepan with the water and milk. Stir until warmed through.
  • When warmed through, pour into your favorite coffee cup.  Optional: Add maple syrup or date syrup to taste.  


Feel free to give this drink a flare of your own.  Some ideas for you to try are:
*Grating a bit ginger into your spice mixture
*Adding some black pepper
*Swapping out the almond for oat milk
*Using a frother which helps give the milk that creamy airy texture

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