My RedBubble Shop

If you love any kind of creativity, then a RedBubble shop is for you. RedBubble is an online store where graphic designers and artists all over the globe share and sell their work. Whenever you purchase something from RedBubble, an artist gets a percentage of that sale. It’s easy and hands-off for artists, which I love. Artists would rather design than do anything else anyway.

Matcha first, life second graphic design on a coffee mug with a plant and book in the background.

Not only is RedBubble great for artists, it’s also great for those interested in finding items that express their personality. Are you interested in coffee? Then there are so many different designs to choose from! But maybe you’d rather have something different. Well, the odds are in your favor. RedBubble most likely has what you’re looking for.

Coffee First, Life Second graphic design on a tote bag hanging from a ladder.

My RedBubble Shop

My RedBubble Shop is full of light, sweet , and fun designs right now. The designs change regularly. Some expire over time and others stay forever. I also add designs often. I love designing. It brings me a lot of happiness. Creating things that make people smile makes me happy. Also, when you see something that gives you all the cozy, chill vibes, and makes you feel understood by a total stranger- that’s the good stuff! I hope my art does that.

Laughing girl with a cup in her hand and a black shirt with a design of a rainbow in different shads of brown and the text Coffee Vibes below the rainbow.

My Why

I’m really not much into marketing. Ugh! Have you ever had to go door to door and ask for money? I absolutely hate it. And sometimes, the internet kinda feels like everyone is knocking on your “cyber” door asking for you to buy this or that. I get it. And if I’m honest, I did start this shop because I wanted to make money. But more than that, I needed a way to spend my time. Being chronically ill doesn’t make me the best candidate for a lot of jobs. Does anyone out there understand? Working is healthy and good for people. I want to work. But I know that my body just can’t do it out there in the real world. It may never be able to, but I still hope one day it just might. Either way, that’s my why. I started this whole RedBubble Shop because I knew I needed to fill my time with something good. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.